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  • Viuna Café
  • Viuna Café
  • Viuna Café
  • Viuna Café
  • Viuna Café
  • Viuna Café
  • Viuna Café
  • Viuna Café
  • Viuna Café


Our Skillful, highly-trained staff are proud to provide you, your family and friends with a memorable experience in a cozy, pleasing atmosphere using a different, high-quality menu.

Viuna’s Coffee:

La Semeuse Swiss Coffee, the coffee served in Café Viuna, is one of the best and most popular blends in Europe as well as the world and we are its sole distributor. We are proud to have been serving you with this superb blend from the very first day.

Viuna’s Cakes:

A pleasant experience solely in Café Viuna. Our cakes are baked and delivered to our branches daily, using the best and freshest ingredients while meticulously observing hygiene.

We offer a wide variety of fresh, delicious cakes and desserts along with your chosen coffee.

Café Viuna’s catering:

Using skilled staff as well as sophisticated equipment, Viuna’s counter is prepared to offer catering services to you and your guests in ceremonies, occasions, meetings, conventions, seminars, fairs, etc. with a wide variety of cakes, sweets, desserts and snacks along with hot or cold drinks.


  • Rosha Dept. Store    
  • Arg Center       
  • Palladium Mall     
  • Ghaem Bazaar
  • Negin Zafar Complex     
  • Aren Mall     
  • Seven Center        
  • Sana Center
  • Sobhan Complex
  • Pasdaran       
  • Park Prance    
  • Saei
  • Negar
  • Aqdasiyeh
  • Vanak Park
  • Kheradmand
  • Shahrak Gharb
  • Jam e Jam
  • Wooden Road
  • Andarzgoo
  • Saadat Abad
  • Yousef Abad   
  • Mirdamad
  • Cinema Museum
  • Ekbatan
  • Gandi
  • Vanak Shopping Center     
  • Daryaye Noor

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Café Viuna was established and inaugurated in 2007, aiming at offering world-class services while benefiting from state-of-the-art equipment and relying on its management’s knowledge and experience to satisfy every taste.


Address: -2 Floor, Kourosh Complex


Instagram: cafeviuna