Tehran Events

I Tell This for That

Mehdi Hosseini's drawings    Vista Gallery   Date: January 1st up to January 15th - 2016   Time: 14:00 to 20:00   Address: #11, 12th Alley, Mir-Emad Ave.  

Isfahan, environs

Drawings by Vahid Hakim   Emkan Gallery   Date: January 1st up to January 18th - 2016   Time: 15:00 to 20:00   The Gallery is closed on Saturdays.   Address: #77, Agha Mohamadi Alley, Haft-e Tir Sq.  

“Léon: The Professional” Movie

Gholhak Cine-plex   Imdb: 8.6  Date: Monday, January 4th - 2016   Time: 22:30   Address: Yakhchal Street, Shariati Street   Website: pardis-gholhak.com  

“Identity” Movie

Gholhak Cine-plex    Imdb: 7.3   Date: Thursday, December 31st - 2015  Time: 22:30  Address: Yakhchal Street, Shariati Street  Website: pardis-gholhak.com   

Ayoub Emdadian's Paintings

Hoor Gallery   Date: January 1st up to January 19th - 2016   Time: 14:00 to 19:00   Gallery is closed on Saturdays.   Address: #12, Na'imi Alley, North Mirzaye Shirazi St., Motahari Ave.