World's Highest Overhanging Glass Bridge, China

Guangdong's highest circular glass bridge has opened to the public as China’s new tourist attraction. Supported by three huge steel pillars, the glass bridge looks like two tennis rackets crossed on the mountain—it is also known as the "big rackets". Under the bridge there are fast-flowing rivers and deep canyons, allowing tourists to experience an exciting "sky walk".




It extends 368 meters out from a cliff and is 500 meters high, which is equivalent to the height of a 166-floor building and is only 100 meters lower than the Canton Tower. The oval shape is 168 meters and becomes the biggest and most exciting structural glass tourist attractions in China.



When tourists walk on the glass bridge gingerly, they may suddenly hear the sound of broken glass, look down, and notice in horror that cracks are beginning to appear in the glass under their feet! But don't be afraid, this is the bridge's special glass breaking effect, which can create a terrifying experience for visitors.




The bridge's design team installed 450 water nozzles and 2,000 electronic lights on the outermost circular bridge, creating the world's largest circular music waterfall with a total circumference of 168 meters. When darkness falls, people can enjoy a spectacular light show with beautiful sounds.




The glass bridge broke 6 world record:
1. The world longest glass skywalk.
2. The world widest glass skywalk.
3. The world highest overhanging glass skywalk.
4. The world longest overhanging glass skywalk.
5. The world largest single piece glass area skywalk.
6. The world largest round shape music falls.