Bermuda, North Atlantic Ocean

Bathed in the balmy turquoise waters of the Sargasso Sea, the string of islands that is Bermuda is ringed by treacherous reefs that make it one of the world's top diving destinations. Bermuda is in fact a group of low-forming volcanoes in the Atlantic Ocean.







With its pastel-colored houses and stately mansions drowning in lush greenery and fragrant plants, Bermuda feels like heaven on earth. The British, North American, African, Portuguese and West Indian influences add to the unique cultural mélange of Bermuda and make it a unique multi-cultural and at the same time luxurious tourist destination.







In spite of its tiny size, Bermuda's museums and art galleries add touches of urban sophistication and its many forts attract history buffs, while its varied topography makes it ideal for all manner of water sports, hiking, golfing, or just lazing on a picture-perfect pink-sand beach in most of the months.






Bermuda's pink sand beaches and clear, cerulean blue ocean waters are especially popular with tourists. Many of Bermuda's luxurious hotels are located along the south shore of the island. In addition to its beaches, there are a number of sightseeing attractions, fine café and restaurants and also many fashion stores, stylish boutiques and high-end U.S. and international retailers in Bermuda, for the tourist to explore and enjoy.