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Visit Top 7 Desert Destinations in Iran

Mesr Desert, Isfahan
Mesr Desert is located in Isfahan province. Mesr is famous to be “the sea of the sands” in Iran. Thousands of tourists venture for this trek to uncover the mysteries lying under the sand dunes of Mesr desert. There are lots of recreational activities provided here, such as biking, motorcycling, camel riding & etc. One exciting attraction of this site is the sand hills around the village of Mesr, where the wind has shaped strange and appealing figures. The dazzling light of millions of stars at night in a place where there is no light pollution will leave us with a sense of awe.





Shahdad Desert, Kerman
Shahdad desert is located in Kerman Province. Raised from the sands and water which created by the wind, geological landforms known as “Kalouts” are among the most mysterious and astonishing attractions located at the edge of Dasht-e-lut in the center of Iran. The only permanent river of Dasht-e Lut, stemming from the north-western mountains of Birjand, is another important natural phenomenon which influences the formation of these giant mud sculptures. It is called Roud-Shour (Briny River) and contains a huge amount of salt and minerals. Best activities in shahdadd desert is off-roading, Photography & etc.







Varzaneh Desert, Isfahan
Known as one of the most facilitated deserts in Iran, Varzaneh Desert is about 117km away from Isfahan. There are many adventurous activities in this area. One of these activities is sand surfing on the hills of a hundred meters height that is very popular besides SUV riding, paragliding, camping, and many other pleasures, like watching the starry nights of the desert. The main drive of a great number of people who come to visit this wonderful plain that has turned yellow in the hands of the sun is to find peace and tranquility far from the buzzing heart of the town, far from the chaotic thoughts of everyday life.






Maranjab Desert, Isfahan
This desert that is one of the best places for off-roads trips is located in the north of Aran and Bidgol city of Isfahan province. It is lead to Salt Lake from the north, Band-e Rig and Desert National Park from east. The bulk of Desert is covered with sandy hills and Sabulous. High dunes, endless plains of desert, Siah Kouh (Black Mountain), beautiful sunrise and sunset, haloxylon jungles, salt lakes, super beautiful sky & etc, are main attractions of the desert.





Yazd Desert, Yazd
Deserts that located in Yazd province attract more travelers due to their vastness and beautiful and attractive landscapes. These hot and dry deserts are attractive among the global attractions. There are many recreational activities in the deserts such as biking, motorcycling, star observation in beautiful desert nights, camel riding, off-roading & etc.




Lut Desert, Sistan & Baluchestan

The Lut Desert, widely referred to as Dasht-e Lut, is a large salt desert located in the provinces of Kerman and Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran. It is the world's 25th-largest desert, and was included on UNESCO's World Heritage List on July 17, 2016. The surface of its sand has been measured at temperatures as high as 70 °C making it one of the world's driest and hottest places. Some of the spectacular attractions of Lut desert can be natural pots, Kal-e-Shor river, Gandom Beryan, Tarantula Canyon & etc.





Haj AliGholi Desert, Damghan
Semnan's Haj Aligholi Desert is located at the south east of Damghan city. Watching nights full of stars in a profound silence, strolling on a white carpet with crystal line 4-sided carvings and – experience of hearing the crunching sounds of salt crystals as they watch the glittering scene of crystals, is a silent experience mixed with travel to Haj Aligholi Desert in Semnan's Damghan.