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Immersive Light-Based Installations, By Bruce Munro

Bruce Munro (born 2 June 1959) is a dual nationality English/Australian artist known for producing large immersive site-specific installations, often by massing components in the thousands. In 1977, he completed a Foundation course in Art and Design at Braintree Technical College, and in 1982 graduated from Bristol Polytechnic in Fine Art with a focus on painting. In 1984 he travelled to Australia, intending it to be a six-month holiday, but instead staying eight years. While working in Australia, he decided to narrow his vision to the medium of light. The artist said, “When I decided to work in light, almost 30 years ago, I chose it very carefully because I knew I needed some kind of focus. I thought that working in a medium that was very pure and true would simplify my ability to express all the different ideas that filled my head.”



Bruce Munro is best known for his large immersive light-based installations inspired primarily by his interest in shared human experience and connection. Recording ideas and images in sketchbooks has been his practice for over 30 years. By this means he has captured his responses to stimuli such as music, literature, science, and the world around him for reference, reflection, and subject matter. As a result Munro produces both monumental temporary experiential artworks as well as intimate story-pieces. 

Working with fiber optics, LEDs, digital projection, and illuminating components both complex and simple, Bruce Munro has created massive installation works for prominent international venues such as the Salisbury Cathedral, the de Rothschild Foundation, and the Victoria & Albert Museum. He has exhibited all over the world including Australia, United Kingdom, United States, South Korea, Scandinavia, Mexico and United Arab Emirates.






Field of Light





Whizz Pops






Water Towers






Blue Moon On a Platter



Gathering of the Clans


Angel of Light



Fagin’s Urchins