Top ten Tehran Restaurants

We proudly invite Tehran's prime restaurants to attend our website's Top Ten category.

Divan Persian Cuisine

The essence of Divan is a blend of Iran’s ancient culture, art and food in an environment that sophisticated citizens of the world can appreciate.  Divan continues to redefine Persian cuisine in a contemporary style that mixes traditional and modern…

Bistango International Cuisine

Bistango Restaurant is the first true fine dining restaurant in Iran which uniquely combines delicious continental food with beautiful art and outstanding service, leaving a memorable impression on every one of our guests. Address: Next to Ramtin Hotel, Vali-e-Asr Ave.…


With more than 50 years of experience, Alborz restaurant is one of Tehran’s oldest and most famous “Chelo Kebab” restaurants in Tehran. This restaurant serves highest quality of Persian dishes along with savory International cuisine & Sea food. Address: #3,…


Leon restaurant was first opened in Tehran in year 1960 with the name of “Sogoli Talayi”. The first branch of this restaurant named "Leon" was opened in year 2009 in Aban street. Niavarn and Sam center branches of Leon restaurant…


Yas restaurant, with more than 150 years of experience, offers savory Persian and international dishes in a luxurious and pleasant environment. Address: # 2627, Across from Mellat Park, Vali-e-Asr Ave. Telephone:  (+9821)  22 01 10 20, 22 05 77 06

Shandiz Galleria

After years of experience in Shandiz Jordan and Box Classic restaurants, we decided to combine these two restaurants into Shandiz Galleria Restaurant, a unique restaurant with superb facilities and a relaxing environment for our guests. Address: Galleria Center, 13th Street, Velenjak…


Koohpaye restaurant located in Darband area, an area with beautiful scenery and nice weather, offers savory Iranian dishes in a pleasant environment. Address: Koohpaye Sq., Sarband Sq., Darband Ave. Telephone:  (+9821) 22 71 25 18, 22 70 54 24 Website: 


Narenjestan International Restaurant, Located in Saadat Abad, offers a variety of international, Persian and seafood dishes along with a complete coffee shop menu. It welcomes all guests in a luxurious environment. Address:  12th floor, Sarv Commercial Complex, Shahrdari Sq, West Sarv St.,…


Kenzo Japanese restaurant opened in year 1975. This restaurant offers delicious Japanese and oriental dishes in an attractive and unique environment. Address: #30, Shahid Khoddami Street, Vanak Sq. Telephone: (+9821)  88 88 82 22 Instagram: kenzosushi


In Farsi “Mestooran” means the land of Copper. Mestooran is a traditional Iranian restaurant offering gourmet Persian cuisine with a modern touch and in a unique and beautiful traditional setting. Address: Bahonar Street, Niavaran Sq Telephone:  (+9821)  26 15 14 21,…