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5 Most Famous Traditional Hotels in Iran

Quintessential traditional Persian architecture is 2-3 story stucco or pale brick buildings wrapped around a central courtyard containing fruit trees, day beds, and a pond. Other typical features include stained glass windows, wind towers, mosaic tiles and, of course, Persian carpets. These old houses with specific characteristics like antiquity, Persian architecture and anthropology features have changed to one of the special tourist attractions of the regions in different areas.

You can immerse yourself in traditional Persian lifestyle and culture in a boutique hotel. Sip on a fresh cup of tea in the pleasant classic yard at night, enjoy the lively central Persian fountain and greenery, and have a talk with hospitable Iranians and travelers. 





Saraye Ameriha Traditional Boutique Hotel was built over 200 years ago and has been renovated and then turned into a traditional hotel. Three houses are connected to each other and form the whole mansion. It’s the oldest building in Kashan with the tallest windcatcher. Iranian wind towers demonstrate the architectural genius of ages past, creating 100% wind powered air conditioning. The area is about 9000 meters square and includes 85 rooms and 5 central yards. Two restaurants, one cafe, and a gallery are included as well. It is very well located and you can easily walk to all the city attractions.




The Abbasi was built some 300 years ago as a caravanserai, a traditional desert fortress safe for travelers and their livestock for overnight lodging. The Abbasi has maintained its original U-shape with its 225 rooms facing into a central garden courtyard. All of the aforementioned rooms are constructed based on international hotel standards. This international hotel; one of the oldest hotels in the world; has 11 multi-purposes halls with various capacities for holding formal and informal seminars and banquets. With its restaurant areas decorated opulently with mirrored mosaics, hand-painted murals, and palatial chandeliers, you will be transported to another era.




This ancient house dates back to 200 years ago and it used to be the residence of a Qajar king’s minister. So, if you want to stay in a hotel that was a king’s palace, Ghasre Monshi Hotel would be a suitable choice in Isfahan. This building is in the list of national monuments and it was repaired in the years 2006 and 2016.  At the moment, it includes 23 traditional rooms on the first floor, ground level and underground levels. To keep the classical atmosphere of the hotel, the rooms have no TV. It is located conveniently in an area very close to historical sites in Isfahan.




The hotel was formerly a private residence built around 400 years ago. This private residence has been brought back to life with the highest standards of historic preservation and the latest in modern amenities. Eight private guest rooms with unique architectural details surround a peaceful courtyard that features a reflecting pool flanked by gardens bearing local fruit. Guests are welcomed with refreshment in the elegant lobby outfitted with traditional Iranian furnishings and showcasing an art gallery in the atrium above. A subterranean movie theatre, converted from the original basement cistern, screens Iranian and foreign films.




Dad Hotel is situated in the heart of the second ancient city in the world with more than 3000 years history, Yazd. This 80-year-old hotel is adjacent to the famous cultural heritage sites and main tourist attractions including Zoroastrians’ Fire Temple. The Combine of traditional architecture elements like Clay, clay brick, colorful tiles, colored glass, and wooden doors and a beautiful combination of modern and traditional amenities has made a magnificent building. Dad Hotel has 88 rooms including royal suite with classic design and modern amenities.