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The 5 Most Incredible Elevators in the World

Usually, a ride on an elevator involves pushing a button and zoning out until the ding for your floor. There are some elevators that are crafted quite beautifully and have doubled the enjoyment of people that use them! These vertical feats of engineering are about way more than getting from point A to point B. Here, we are going to talk about the most incredible elevators in the world that have amazed us by their looks and their skills!



1. Falkirk Wheel, Scotland

Opened in 2002, It is the long-awaited answer to the question of how to link two canals whose inconvenient, lock-ridden connection had been severed nearly 70 years earlier. It is a rotating boat lift which connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. Nothing like it has ever been built before anywhere in the world. The distinction in height of two canals at the wheel is 24 meters (79 feet), which is equal to the height of an eight-storey building. So basically, you're riding a lift inside a boat! It is the largest piece of functional sculpture you will ever see. Not surprisingly, the lift has become a popular attraction.




2. AquaDom, Germany

Located in the lobby of Berlin's Radisson Blu Hotel, this 82-foot tall aquarium transports visitors through a full panorama of tropical sea life. Fish festooned with vibrant colors nibble at the aquarium wall inches from their human admirers. This all glass elevator lets riders check out the 50 species of fish living in the tank while slowly rising to the top of the Radisson Blu Hotel courtyard. AquaDom which holds over a million liters of water, is the largest cylindrical tank aquarium in the world. 



3. Skyview Elevator, Sweden

If you are going to have the largest spherical building in the world, like the Eriksson Globe, you’re going to have to have an equally curving elevator to get to the top. As one of the only ball-shaped elevators in the world, Skyview elevator is a glass and steel sphere that trace a twenty-minute curve to the very top of the orb and back down, giving visitors a constantly evolving panorama of the city's skyline.





4. Bailong Elevator, China

As maybe one of the most stunning elevators on the planet, China’s Bailong Elevator, which roughly translates to “Hundred Dragons Elevator,” may be the tallest outdoor elevator in the world at over 326 meters tall. It is built right into a sandstone cliffside, ferrying passengers to the top in a glass carriage that makes for a harrowing ascent. The lift takes two minutes to ride from the base to the top, in which 50 people can be taken in one trip and almost 18,000 people are taken on a daily basis.




5. Autostadt Towers Elevator, Germany

Autostadt Elevator is present in the Autostadt (German for Automobile City) which is a pair of two 60-meter-tall silo-like glass towers designed specifically to store Volkswagens Cars. The elevator selects the correct vehicle and delivers it to the center of the tower from where it is lowered to the ground floor. The customers enjoy watching it and it shows the modern era of future vehicle parking that could save a lot more space! With a record speed of two meters per second, this fully automated high-rise parking system is the "World’s Fastest Automatic Parking System".