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9 Futuristic Concept Cars Of 2020

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR concept

The mercedes-benz VISION AVTR – is a concept for mobility in the distant future. Translating to ‘advanced vehicle transformation’, the concept car is fully electric and utilizes an organic battery technology that is free of metals and other environmentally harmful materials. Read More...


DS X E-Tense

DS Automobiles have called the DS X E-Tense their vision of what a car should look like in 2030. The E-Tense is unique in every way imaginable. The car has a three-seat configuration, the driver's seat is open while the passenger seats are covered, and two different engines power it.



Aston Martin Lagonda Vision

Aston Martin is proud to present Lagonda Vision Concept, marking the beginning of a new range of state of the art, emission-free luxury vehicles. Production is planned to start in 2021. Lagonda aims to be the world’s first zero emission luxury brand. It will take full advantage of the latest advances in electrification and autonomous driving technologies.




The Audi PB-18 E-Tron can reach a top speed of 186mph and it will reach 100km per hour in just 2 seconds. It comes with an innovative drive by wire system that allows the driver to switch the driver's seat from a conventional two-seat configuration to a central driving position anytime he wishes.



Rolls-Royce Vision NEXT 100

The Vision NEXT 100 is a glimpse of the company's interpretation of what automotive luxury should look like in the future. The concept car is electric and fully autonomous, and its autonomous capability will suit the taste of the traditional Rolls Royce buyer that is already accustomed to been chauffeured.



Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow

The Vision EQ Silver Arrow is no ordinary show car, it is a fully functional and drivable electric concept car that packs up to 750hp and will go from 0 to 60 in less than two seconds. The concept car was built by Mercedes to celebrate the iconic 1937 Silver Arrow sports car and it isn't a precursor to a road-going sports car.



Jaguar Vision Gt Coupe

The all-electric Jaguar Vision GT Coupé has been designed and developed from the ground up taking inspiration from the brand’s incredible racing lineage. Jaguar claims 1,877 hp, 2,478 lb-ft of torque, and a top speed of 255 mph. Zero-to-60 mph could theoretically be dispatched in as little as 1.65 seconds.


Sony Vision-S concept

The Sony Vision-S is an all-electric concept sedan developed by Sony. It was unveiled at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, the Vision-S features 33 different sensors inside and outside of the car, multiple widescreen displays, 360 audio, and always-on connectivity.



BMW concept i4

The BMW Concept i4 marks the start of a new electric age for BMW Gran Coupés. i4 is the first purely electric BMW Gran Coupé – and a fascinating example of how the electric drive system has become established at BMW. Equipped with fifth generation BMW eDrive technology, the BMW Concept i4 achieves breathtaking performance figures. Read More...