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Meighan Wetland, Iran

Meighan wetland is located 15 km north-east of Arak, and 1670 meters above sea level. Meighan desert is a unique ecosystem. One of the most important aspects of this uniqueness in Meighan is that it has a high biodiversity. The wetland, rises during the rainy season while in the dry season it turns into a swamp and becomes a salt mars. The perimeter of the wetland changes from 16 to 24 km depending on its water inputs.







In the wetland, water salinity is high and the lake surface is covered with layers of salt. Meighan’s soil is rich in sodium sulfate, which makes it the largest mineral reserve in the Middle East. The white patches of salt and sodium sulfate in the soil look like decorative material, forming beautiful domes and salt layers in the wetland. These layers of salt cover the entire surface of the lake which look like snow from a distance.







Meighan Wetland has special ecological features, including the fact that it annually hosts over 130 species of migrant birds, including cranes, ducks, flamingos, and goose, some of which belong to rare and protected species.






In winter, these migratory birds, which fly from the cold regions of Siberia to the tropical regions of South and Africa, land in this wetland or fly in beautiful small and large groups in the sky above the wetland. In the spring, Meighan Wetland turns into one of the main habitats for migratory birds that flew through the area during the cold season and are on their way back.






The region is also home to unique species of saline plants, some rare examples of Gharahdagh and Aterplix are amidst the green foliage. In this regard, the wetland is one of the important reserves of saline plants in the country. In addition to birds, mammal species such as wolves, foxes, snakes, etc… also live in this area, creating a spectacular collection of wildlife and making Meighan Wetland one the most important sites for nature tourism and bird-watching in the country.